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BECAUSE….sometimes, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love hands you a fairy tale…

Every couple has their own fairy tale in the works…their own private love story…it might begin with way he smiled at her the first time their eyes met, it might begin with the way she giggled at his jokes when no one else did, it might include the promises they made to one another as they talked deep into the night. The amazing thing is how these stories grow and become even more enduring over time. Every couple has a story to tell, and the day you say “I do” is a wondrous part of that story and a time when you want to capture forever those amazing moments so they are never forgotten – and can be retold again and again. As one of only TEN exclusive weddings we photograph each year, we are able to ensure that both your expectations and our standards are not only met, but exceeded.
For us, photographing your wedding is about entrusting us to “write” a bit of your love story. Our goal is to capture the story of your day as it unfolds – with a unique blend of artistic styles and perspectives that both create art and capture emotions.

Kellie’s Point Of View:
For me a wedding is a day full of moments that tell the story of your day. I will get to know you both individually and as a couple, find out what your wedding day expectations are, and have an understanding of how to bring your special story to life. I love capturing all the interactions, special looks, outbursts of joy, and sudden emotions that happen during a wedding. My style of photography is editorial, photojournalist, storytelling. I focus on the little things, the un-staged, spontaneous interactions, emotions and moments. For me the best photographic images have so much emotion attached to them that you can almost feel it. Happiness, surprise, tears, joy, love…all these can be captured on film. It brings me great pleasure and honor to be allowed into the inner circle of a couple on their most important day. And I love that I have Tanja there to create art with her images while I am capturing the emotional moments and bringing them to life.

Tanja’s Point Of View:
I approach weddings much like a fashion editorial – telling the story of the day with artistic images that combine fashion and emotion. There is nothing I love more than capturing an image and seeing the work of art that it will become. Knowing that Kellie is capturing the “candid moments” allows me to find those idyllic settings, that perfect light, those beautiful backdrops that create a composition reminiscent of a magazine spread. Because, honestly, shouldn’t you feel like a rockstar on your wedding day?!





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